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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Immediate : Front End Developer


Designation : Front End Developer – JS Developer
Company : CMM Level 5, Bengaluru
Qualification : BS in Computer Science or equivalent 

Qualification :
3 to 4 years of experience in Anjular, Bootstrap, Node
Good exposure to data stores like RDBMS, Hadoop, etc.
Must have design experience in HTML, HTML5, CSS
Excellent knowledge on various frameworks (Presentation, Service, Persistence and Integration)
Strong understanding of large-scale distributed application systems
Excellent interpersonal skills
Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Experience and Skill sets :
JavaScript expert with solid exposure to JS programming & frameworks like NodeJS, Bootstrap, AngularJS and ReactJS.
Getting involved in developing a great cognitive product with a rich user interface
Extensive experience in technologies like JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, HTML, HTML5, Bootstrap, Angular, etc. for web platform—we have an exciting opportunity for you.
Responsible for implementing dynamic front ends using AngularJS/Bootstrap
Developing effective UIs that are both engaging and user interactive
Developing well-documented RESTful APIs using Node.js Framework being involved with the deployment, maintenance, and optimization of the applications developed

Must have :
Very good understanding of UI/UX Concepts
Very good understanding of MVC Architecture
Sound knowledge of databases
Good understanding of version control tool such as GIT, SVN
Ability to develop standard-compliant markup and code CSS2/CSS3, Object Oriented JavaScript with different browser compatibility
Excellent communication skills

If you have not sent your RESUME, requesting you to send to, Subject as : MRS-BLR-29111607


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