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Friday, 11 March 2016

Smart Ways to enhance your productivity in work

Time matters. Where ever you work, the time you are investing for completing a work is more important. It should not be like just working it should be as effective working. For this it is not only necessary to identify the factors that is affecting the work, but also develop the skills to helps you to complete the work in scheduled time or less than that.

* Identify and avoid motivation killers

Identify the factors what is affecting your precious time in the work area. This could be poor communication skills, inadequate learning environment, lack of appreciation, negative minded colleagues. These factors not only drags your time but pulls to the opposite side of growth in your career.

* Gamification : 

Completing the reports or contributing ideas for projects can be gamified to make more appeal, exciting or interesting. Gamification involves the use of badges, rewards, leader boards or points, rankings, challenges to make repetitive and quantifiable tasks.

* Clear goals and feedback

Clearly stating the goals provides guidance for everyone. Short term goals are more effective in encouraging the employees to properly manage their speed in doing tasks to meet the targets. This increases the team spirit to work with more clarity,

* Use of new technology

It is important to analyse and use the different hardware and software solutions available. Cut short the travel if not mandate, use video conference, use only SMS rather than call when you are about to pass only message. This not only cut down the time, money also avoid the distraction of your boss / colleagues.

* Communication

Employees should be aware of the hierarchy and expertise available within the company. Proper communication will increase the productivity but increase the bonding of relations among the employees.

Increasing and maintaining productivity in the workplace is not very easy but it can also avoid some unnecessary conflicts.

Here are important key things to remember: 

* The need for employee motivation
* The proactive involvement of managers
* Use of technologies and systems 

If you thoughtfully execute plans with those concepts in mind, you are on the right track.

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