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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Common mistakes while trying your FIRST JOB

Hello friends,

Beware of common mistakes while trying your first job.

Avoid attaching scanned copies of your certificates, passport, conduct certificate in the first mail itself ( last week i have received a mail which is 23MB in size) No employer or HR TEAM have time to download and see all

Try to send your CV in PDF format. Ensure the format is perfect after converting your CV as PDF

Never ever forget to attach your CV 

Preferred name is "CV_name_BE_ECE_2015.pdf" avoid name as "new resume.pdf", modified resume.pdf", "recent resume.pdf" Show the difference here too and make it ease the HR and employees and create positive vibrations.

write a covering letter for which job you are applying for and your strength in brief in the covering letter itself

More important :

Have seen guys visiting companies in groups. If you are going to mass recruitment compaign then thats fine. Don't let your friend to become your competitor :) 

If you are very serious always be ready with the list of companies you are planning to visit. Visit the website of the company completely. Try to understand where you can fix yourself in that particular company. List out the credit level / aditional knowledge you have in accordance to the skills required.

Sorry guys i am writing the article when i have time. Will catch up. Excuse for the delay.

Keep reading..... Keep Rocking ..... :) :) :)