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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Checklist - Before joining

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This post is about : Planning to do ADDITIONAL TRAINING ? Here is the CHECKLIST.

NEVER EVER GET ATTRACTED BIG ADVERTISEMENTS. From where they will charge back? Obviously FROM YOU. Check the company's nature of business. If the revenue of the company is only based on training, NEVER EVER VISIT THE COMPANY. Obviously they will have excellent counselor to brainwash with their expertise in very good language other than technical. They are 100% worthless. (Exceptions are there like NIIT, since they are globally presence with good record for more than 20 years). You may add one more paper (certificate) saying that you have done the course. But any use? A BIG NO. You will be wasting your time and money. Check the qualification of the trainer. Anyone who is a trainer for more than 1 year is a perfect person who can grind the same for years. JUST THEY CAN VOMIT WHAT THEY STUDIED. THEY MAY NOT COPE UP WITH THE INDUSTRY EXPECTATIONS. So BETTER AVOID. 

While you are trying for your job in other domain areas, check whether they are partnered with the specific skill companies. (For ex. SAP, channel partner for SAP or not) A proven record with industry relation is MANDATE. 

If a company is giving training along with their REAL TIME EXPOSURE in the industry THEN YES, you will get more knowledge and have more confident while trying for their job. Never ever rely on the job irrespective of their assurance. Start making the try from day one by modifying your CV.

Never ever believe a company which says JOB ASSURANCE. Assume, if your training period is appx 30 days to 60 days or more. Can anyone predict the job availability? I have not seen. :) Ask the reason. If you are 100% satisfied then proceed.

MAY BE A BITTER TRUTH. But this is the fact our of my experience.

WHILE COMING ACROSS the CVs looks everything fine. But getting shocked while facing them in person. Candidates are listing good many number of skillset, but NOT GOOD IN ANY OF THE ONE.

Time to think and reassess yourself. 


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