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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Do's and Don'ts while applying for a job - Part 2

Hello All,

Excited by seeing such a response for my previous post. Thank you all.

This made me to write the second post with TOP MOST PRIORITY WITH MORE CARE.

After creating the mail id,

Kindly ensure  the display picture you are selecting is like a job seeker. AVOID posting pictures which ATTRACT NEGATIVE VALUES. I have come across some profiles with their favorite celebrities. DAMN SURE employer's will DELETE YOUR CV IMMEDIATELY even before opening the attachment.

Spare more time in going through the job requirement. Never ever call the employer phone number / mobile number unless there is any genuine reason.  Some times me too getting calls like "We saw your advertisement, is there any requirement?" Wonder whats the reason to make a call like this and ask such a silly question ? This will only ANNOY the HR TEAM OR EMPLOYER and add your number in their BLOCK LIST.


Have come across good many campus selected students resigning their job after 2 years of experience. They joined in the job other than their core areas based on many factors. I recommend all the students who got selected in the campus other than core areas but waiting for join date, try to find a job which is your passion and strength. Don't go and join in the job since you got it in the campus only. This may lead you in the position like cat on the wall after some point of time.

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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Do's and Don'ts while applying for the FIRST JOB - Part 1


Based on my own experiences as a Career Consultant, formulating some suggestions for the freshers while trying for their FIRST JOB

Yes the truth is trying a job through online is more effective, But we need to know what is possible and what is not. It can not happen as a magic in a single click.

First of all, CONCENTRATE the MAIL ID you are about to use for communication. Avoid using mail id as "", "", but should be avoided to get a job.

So mail ids like above immediately VERY HIGH NEGATIVE VALUE before opening the CV itself.

Create a SEPARATE MAIL ID for JOB SEARCH. Use meaningful and BETTER READABLE as ""

Send mails only from your OWN PERSONAL MAIL ID, not from friend's or others.

Do focus on the DISPLAY PICTURE you have selected.

Send your CV only where your skill exactly suits. Narrow down your search with respect to YOUR STRENGTH. Customize your CV with respect to the particular openings. HIGHLIGHT the SKILLS you are MASTERED with respect to the post you are applying for.

Lot more will be shared soon ....

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